What Our Patients Say


Very nice. Eager to help. The office worked me in to a tight schedule. Helped ensure all paperwork was filled out. It’s nice to have friendly people to make the first impression a good one. —Barbara M.


I would highly recommend Dr. Berry. Honest. Professional. Efficient. —Chuck F.


Very friendly staff and Dr.!  Everyone is very professional & timely. Dr. Berry is very detailed in diagnosis and getting to the source of the problem. —Amy M.


I have had a wonderful experience in the office. I normally do not like going to the Doctor but I will gladly come into Dr. Berry’s office to have my back adjusted.—-Dana K.


When I came to see Dr. Berry I had severe sacroiliac and hip pain. I was nearly incapacitated because of these problems. I could not perform my normal daily routine. It only took a few visits to know I had chosen the right Doctor. Within a few treatments my pain was gone. My problems have been improved faster and more completely than any other treatment I have tried. I would recommend Dr. Berry to anyone wanting to feel better and wanting good general health. Dr. Berry has gotten me back to my everyday routine. I am very glad I decided to come to Dr. Berry. —Phyllis W.


I drive 1 1/2 hrs. round trip from Toledo. I am loyal to him. —John H.


After 4 years of problems I was reluctant, but decided to see Dr. Berry. I had heard Chiropractic adjustments meant more pain and I didn’t want that. Dr. Berry assured me that it was painless–and so it has been! It is nice to feel like a human again. I recommend Dr. Berry to anyone. —Thomas R.


Nice and friendly. Let’s you know what is going on, your condition and the treatment to expect. Would recommend Dr. Berry to anyone and everyone! —Kim K.


Dr. Berry and his staff are the most polite people. Dr. Berry explains everything so you can understand. I love coming here. I feel better every time. —Dustin C.


I never liked going to a Doctor. After the first time of seeing Dr. Berry I could not wait until my next visit.—Amy C.


A wonderful experience. Dr. Berry has helped me with my back pain. —David M.


Very kind, compassionate and personal. I believe Dr. Berry really cares about his patients. The Christian atmoshphere really helps.—Betty Lou D.


Just excellent. The friendly staff and Dr. Berry make it comfortable. Very informative. Top notch equipment. Best of all NO PAIN! —Dianna H.


Dr. Berry is very knowledgeable…helpful in preventative procedures…genuinely cares about each persons well-being and goes above and beyond. —Darla H.


Before coming to Dr. Berry, I could not get in and out of bed or a car without pain.  I could not sit for more than 20-30 minutes without a burning pain in my hip and back.  Now I have more mobility and less pain. —Donna J.


I am a 67 year old woman. I fell and hit my right shoulder. A trip to the medical doctor resulted in a prescripton for pain pills and ice pack to the shoulder. After 4 or 5 days I still could not raise my arm. My shoulder hurt so bad I could not take the pain anymore. I just had to find relief somewhere. I called Dr. Berry’s office and started treatments. I fully recovered and will recommend Dr. Berry to everyone who wants to get healthy and stay healthy without taking all kinds of pills that have side effects to worry about.  —Jeannette W.